Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Moment....

Each moment when you go deep inside you
You look into something
which keeps u cool and happy
There we reel up to the past
The Moment..

Each day gives you the happenings, The Time
which you are bound to live.
The next day it turns to be the memories
The Past....

Some moments strucks in you
which u never want to leave alike
u will take it through your life with you
The Memories...

The happiness that u had
will never come to u again
when it is lost from you ever
you hold it up with
The Fate..

The future is to be foreseen;
Anytime every time when plunged to darkness
The thrust u show, ur strength is your hope,
The Future...

Sitting alone in  a seashore looking away to the ocean
Its your insight take U to the other end
with a hope to touch your sight the other end.
The Hope...

The reality lies here;
the moment with your Past, your Memories which turned up to your Fate
Looking forward to your future, to your hope
You live today
And you Plan your Next Day;
The Present....